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Main Street Accounting​

Why partner with Main Street Accounting?

Partnering with Main Street Accounting to manage your books frees up time you can now devote to managing and growing your business. Your time spent on accounting and bookkeeping adds no value to relationships with your clients, but it is essential for your company. Allowing accounting and bookkeeping records to get behind could be detrimental to the success of your business.

  •  Cost Effective – no need to hire, train, and manage a bookkeeper
  •  Expertise – saves time on figuring out how to organize or understand your numbers
  •  Accuracy - often bookkeeping takes a backseat to other business priorities. Then you find yourself scrambling to get things entered often leading to errors in your records and costing you money.
  • Frees up valuable time that can be spent managing the business - Your time should be spent on doing what you do best – managing your business and working with clients!

Don Johnson

has been managing businesses and doing business consulting for 30 years.  

He specializes in the management of hog and crop farms (Farm Business Information, est. 1986). His professional experience has encompassed all

areas of starting and managing the businesses including business start-up, employment, production, information management, and consulting.

His expertise is developing and implementing information systems including general ledger tax and GAAP accounting, cost accounting, payroll and benefits, as well as production and inventory records.  The team at Farm Business Information has been handling the input and reporting of production and financial records which have provided many farming businesses with increased production and financial benefits.

Main Street Accounting utilizes the expertise of Don and his team to offer services in accounting, bookkeeping, and consulting.

"We customize our services to ensure that your business will have the information you need to manage your business and increase profitability."